Grade 4


Ms. Kristie

Mrs. Kristie Miller has been a teacher at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School for 14 years. She was born and raised in Gettysburg, PA. Ms. Kristie, as students call her, graduated from St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in 1994, Delone Catholic High School in 1998, and Shippensburg University in 2002 with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Psychology. Ms. Kristie teaches 4th grade Language Arts, Social Studies, and Religion as well as 5th grade Social Studies and Religion. She is the leader of our Student Support Team, and coordinator for the school newspaper club. When she is not teaching you can find her spending time with her wonderful family, taking Zumba classes, playing tennis, jogging, or relaxing with a great book. Ms. Kristie looks forward to many more years of teaching our brilliant students at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School.

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Week of 9/17 - 9/21

9/17 - Judge George Presentation - 6:00 P.M.

*For every parent that attends your child will get a free dress down day! Oh and your family has a chance to earn a $100 Amazon gift card too!!

9/19 - Back to School Penance Service


Language Arts - The students will learn a different theme/genre every week from their Reading anthology and practice book. The students will need to read every night for 20 minutes as part of their homework. The students need to log their reading into their yellow reading log books every night. We will conduct book talks every chance that we can. The first book response letter will be due on September 28th. Spelling pre tests will be on Mondays and tests will be on Fridays starting this week. Students will have spelling and grammar practice every day of the week. Vocabulary is taught and practiced three times a week. Creative writing and handwriting skills are taught and practiced twice a week.  

Religion - In Religion the students will continue learning about the sacred vestments and vessels of the church. Students should be studying any notes in their Religion journals every night. We will focus on the prayer the Nicene Creed for the month of September.

S.S. - In S.S. the students will begin their unit on PA’s location. The students will be learning the states that border PA, and students will learn geographic terms to describe their state. Students will identify major land forms and rivers using physical maps. The students should study their notes every night when we are learning new concepts.




Religion - In Religion the students are continuing to learn the sacred vessels and vestments of the church. Students should be studying their notes in their religion journals every night. We will focus on the prayer the Nicene Creed for the month of September.

S.S. - In S.S. the students will learn about timelines and how to create a timeline. Students will study the benefits of archaeology in all societies. Students will discuss how cultures originate and spread, and analyze the impact of technology on culture. Students will analyze cause and effect links in the development of early humans.


Have a great week,

Ms. Kristie