Grade 5

Ms. Karen Kibler teaches 5th and 6th grade ILA as well as 6th grade Social Studies and 7th grade Religion at St. Francis.  Ms. Kibler is from Buffalo, NY. She graduated from SUNY College at Fredonia in 1993 with a degreee in elementary education.  In 2001, she received her Masters degree from Loyola College in Maryland in the area of reading specialist.  She has taught 2nd-7th grade in her tenure as a teacher.  Ms. Kibler has two children; her son is a 9th grader and her daughter is a 5th grader at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School.  When Ms. Kibler is not busy teaching, she can be found spending time with her children, her mother, as well as enjoying reading, eating out and swimming.

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Ms. Kibler's 6th Grade ILA Wish List

Ms. Kibler's  6th grade ILA class is in need of 15 copies of THE CASTLE in the ATTIC by Elizabeth Winthrop. 

The books can be found on Amazon for $4.40/ea. 

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