Grade 3

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Mrs. Margaret Kinsella has been teaching at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School for 21 years.  This will be her ninth year teaching 3rd grade.  Mrs. Kinsella was born and educated in New York.  She graduated from St. John's University with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and earned her master's degree in Special Education from CUNY of Staten Island.  Before moving to Gettysburg in 1990, Mrs. Kinsella taught classes of children with learning disabilities and autism.

Mrs. Kinsella and her husband have two adult sons who attended St. Francis Xavier School.       



                                                                                         Just a Reminder

Dear parent(s),

All incoming 3rd graders received a packet of information on Step Up Day.  The children are to read at least 3 books over the summer.  Please remember to write the title and author of each book on the reading log that was sent home.  If the log is misplaced, your child may use any other paper that you have at home.  Please remember to sign the reading log. 

This year, the 3rd graders will continue their study of the multiplication facts.  I have included  paper flashcards of the 5 and 10 times tables in the packet of information.  Please have your child spend time memorizing those facts over the summer.

A copy of next year's supply list can be found below.

                                Enjoy your summer.  Looking forward to seeing all in August!

                                                                                                                      Mrs. Kinsella


Supply List for 2018-2019   

These Items can be purchased at school:                                                                                                                                                                

  • 2 Composition books-$4,00
  • 3   Writing tablets - $6.00
  • 1    Student planner - $4.50
  •       Art Fee  -  $10.00                                 

                         Total  cost    -   $24.50                                             

  •  7        Folders with bottom pockets 
  •  2        Red pens for checking work
  •  2        Yellow highlighters
  •  5        Pencils with erasers (no mechanical pencils)
  •  1        Scissor
  •  2        Glue sticks
  •  1        Pack of white copy paper
  •  1        Pack of  colored pencils
  •  1        Box of crayons (no more that 24)
  •  3        Boxes of tissues
  •  1        Soft pencil case
  •  1        Ruler (cm. and in.)
  •  1        Small pencil sharpener with cover
  •  1        Big eraser 
  •  2        Stretchy size large book cover                  
  •  1        Container of disinfectant wipes (from the boys)
  •  1        Package of gallon size ziploc bags (from the girls)
  •  1        Pack of 3x5 white index cards – 100 count
  •  1        Plastic index card box (to hold index cards)
  •  1        School bag
  •  1        Pack of multiplication flash cards (for home)
  •  1        Seat sack from 2nd grade (new seat sacks can be purchased at school for $8.00)


Contact information: